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Sherry, a retired professional counselor and the visionary co-founder of Restored & Renewed Ministry, dedicates her life to serving others.

Living and working full-time in France, she pours her heart into the ministry, the beautiful Chateau ClaireFontaine, and her beloved dog, Teddy. Sherry's passions for Jesus, compassionate care, and creating a sanctuary for missionaries drive her every day.


Life Coach

Brittany, an experience life coach with over 15 years of experience spanning three continents, brings a wealth of knowledge and a heart for service to Restored & Renewed Ministry.

She, along with her husband Timothy and their two children, embrace family life in ministry at the beautiful Chateau ClaireFontaine. Brittany's passion lies in guiding young leaders toward wholeness and joy, fostering healthy family dynamics and joyful marriages.

She also loves sharing her enthusiasm for art, culture, gardening, and food, enriching the lives of those around her.


Life Coach

Timothy, a devoted husband and father, is a life coach and a third-generation missionary with a deep-rooted passion for service.

He cherishes his family and dedicates his life to helping others experience true joy and discover their authentic identities. With his rich heritage in missions and his expertise in life coaching, Timothy empowers individuals to live out their true selves with confidence and purpose.

His compassionate guidance and unwavering support make a profound impact on those he serves at Chateau ClaireFontaine.


Cuddles Manager

Meet Teddy, our charming and lovable poodle! As an official emotional support dog, Teddy brings boundless joy and comfort to everyone at Chateau ClaireFontaine.

Hypoallergenic and full of love, Teddy adores cuddling up with guests and playing in the chateau’s gardens. His social nature and playful antics make him a favorite among visitors, ensuring that everyone feels right at home.

Whether it's a game of fetch or a cozy snuggle, Teddy is always ready to spread happiness and wagging tails!

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