Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

And one thing more: Prepare a guest room for me, because I hope to be restored to you in answer to your prayers.
Philemon 1:22

Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.
Romans 12:13

This Ministry is for you, the Missionary, Minister, wife, family or child. It is about you, the worker, and family, in the field. We are here to serve you and your needs, to support you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is our goal to give you some R&R from the battlefield. Our services include counseling, retreats, team building seminars, and Bible study.

We know that you are sent to fields to do battle daily, and expected to win every battle. So often the workers are sent out to do His work and are expected to be whole, healthy and emotionally secure the entire time. Meanwhile at home, the rest of the Lord’s body carry everyday burdens and struggles, face depression, marital issues, parenting problems and so on. Most of them have all the help they need or want at their fingertips. Missionaries, on the other hand, do not. Most missionaries we meet are reluctant to mention any problems that may lead to doubts about their ability to perform their daily duties on the field. Not to mention the unique issues that create stress such as adjusting to another culture, homesickness, teams falling apart and other unique situations related to mission work!

That is where we come in to help. Restored and Renewed Ministry wants to be there to “stand in the gap” for you. Our goal is to provide the extra support you need, those things often overlooked or forgotten when you are sent away to begin your work for the Lord. Whether you are looking for a peaceful weekend getaway for your family, a licensed therapist, one of our marriage or parenting retreats, or a place to help you refocus after your furlough, we hope you’ll find what you need here. If there is anything you need that we do not have listed, please contact us and we will do our best to fill your need.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we look forward to serving you.

Ready to learn more about how we help missionaries grow stronger and stay longer in the work they love? Visit Our Work.

Want to know more about how you can help us help missionaries around the world?

Visit our Take Action page.

Private: About Us


Sherry Pogue is a  licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with many years of experience in both counseling and ministry. She and her late husband, Alan, were married for over 35 years with three grown children, and eight grandchildren.   Alan passed away November of 2019.

Sherry Pogue is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has a specialization in school counseling and Distance counseling. She graduated from Harding University with a Education Specialist degree in School and Professional Counseling. She has over 20 years in education in the classroom, as an administrator and as a school counselor.

Her experiences with families and children in the classroom as an educator have been invaluable as a licensed counselor. Sherry has worked with people in all phases of their life, from small children to aging adults. She has helped children with school and development issues as well working with families dealing with difficult behaviors in their children. She has helped blended families build strong bonds from weak beginnings. Sherry worked with aging adults dealing with depression and end of life issues. Now, she focuses much of her time in helping missionaries around the world strengthen their marriages, fight depression or emotional fatigue, address concerns with raising children in another culture, and helping them find the emotional and spiritual support they need to succeed on mission.

How to reach us:

Email – sherrypogue@gmail.com

Skype – sherry.pogue

Phone/Facetime – 501-658-6193(US)

Lovie Sellers schedules our reservations.  She is based in Tennesse, USA.  Lovie has been married to her husband, Seth, for 22 years.  They are raising two boys, Tobin and Hooper.  She stays busy with homeschooling, farming, and general caring for extended family.

How to reach us:

email:  clairefontainereservations@gmail.com

Our Work

At Restored & Renewed Ministry we equip missionaries in the field  to combat the stress and fatigue that threaten to destroy their work, and their family. 

Our counseling services offer hope, and healing for families who might feel alone in their struggles while working in the field. Visit our Restore page to learn more.





Chateau ClaireFontaine is the heart of our ministry, and a place designed to offer rest for the weary. Whether families are returning from a busy furlough, haven’t had a break in years, or just need a little time together as a family, the chateau is ready to welcome them. Visit Renew to learn more.




Sometimes a little time away with others who understand where you are coming from is a balm for the soul. Learn more about our Retreats at Chateau ClaireFontaine.





Managing a ministry is a lot of work, and you end up wearing a lot of hats. Our workshops are opportunities to learn new skills or hone old ones in new ways so that you feel more effective in your ministry. Learn more about on our Refocus page.


Take Action

Our goal is to provide every resource we can to the missionaries who need it free of charge so they can continue using their own budgeted resources on the work they planned to do in the field. In order to do that, we need your help. 

Ready to learn more about how you can help more missionaries stay in the field? Click on a section below to begin.

Sponsor a Missionary

60% of missionaries that leave the field, leave for preventable reasons. Counseling, and regular times of focused rest can make a difference. Help us keep more of God’s servants doing the work he’s called them to do by sponsoring a missionary today.

Partner a Project

Chateau ClaireFontaine is the center of our ministry, and a place of hope for missionaries all over the world. You can help us restore this historic home by partnering with us on a project. Every improvement we make helps us serve our guests a little better. Choose from one of the projects we have planned for the year, and partner with us in serving missionaries.

Join a Project Team 

Want to help us in a more hands on way? We’ve got plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty at the chateau. Join one of this year’s project teams, and you’ll be able to impact our work directly in just one visit. Each project team will spend four days at the chateau, work together to complete a specific project that improves our ability to serve missionaries, and enjoy one day of sightseeing in the area. The expense covers meals at the chateau, lodging expenses, supplies and materials for the project, and tourism expenses for the days at the chateau. All other travel and expenses are your responsibility. Ready to get started? Join a team today.

The Well

The Well is a giving circle who are committed to pouring into the families who manage the day to day ministry of Restored and Renewed. The funds donated by The Well members provide for the annual operational budget, and allow the chateau to have a host family on site at all times. This ensures that the doors are always open at the chateau, a guest room is always ready, and a host is always there to welcome God’s people with open arms. The Well ensures that no missionary in crisis will ever be turned away. Join today.


It takes a lot of hands to serve missionaries the way we do. We’re always looking for a few good hands, and cheerful givers to help them get started. Whether you have the gift of hospitality, want to spend your days as a handyman in service to the King, wish you could practice your counseling skills first hand, or want to donate the funds to help all of that good work happen, we could use your help!


Donate Now

Prefer to donate to our general fund? Every donation helps us serve more missionaries in the field. Donate today and give hope to those who carry hope to the world.



Founder, Restored & Renewed Ministry

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Email: clairefontainereservations@gmail.com

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