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Is it really free?
Yes, everything is included. There are no extra charges, no fees, and no donations required. Your stay is fully covered by our ministry.

What is there for kids to do?
Children can enjoy a variety of activities, including outdoor play areas, arts and crafts, and family-friendly excursions in the beautiful French countryside. 
Is there a pool?
Yes, we have a pool available for guests to use. It's a great spot for relaxation and fun, open during the warmer months.
Do you have baby needs?
Absolutely! We provide essential baby items such as pack n play, baby bath, high chairs, and stroller. If you have specific needs, please let us know in advance, and we'll do our best to accommodate them.
Is the water drinkable?
Yes, the water at Chateau ClaireFontaine is completely safe and drinkable. We ensure that all our facilities meet high standards of cleanliness and safety.
What’s the meal arrangement?
Meals are served community-style, fostering a sense of fellowship among our guests. We cater to dietary needs, so please fill out any dietary restrictions or preferences in advance, and our kitchen staff will accommodate them.
What are the room arrangements?
Our rooms are designed to provide comfort and tranquility. We offer a variety of room arrangements to suit different family sizes and needs, including single rooms, double rooms, and family suites. Each room is equipped with all necessary amenities.
Are there animals in the house?
Yes, we have our beloved poodle, Teddy, who is an emotional support dog. He is hypoallergenic, very friendly, and loves to interact with guests. Teddy helps create a warm and welcoming environment.
What are your expectations of us?
We hope that you come with an open heart and mind, ready to rest, renew, and engage with the support offered. We ask that you respect the community environment, participate in shared meals, and communicate any specific needs or concerns during your stay.
How much time does counseling/life coaching take?
Counseling and life coaching sessions are tailored to fit your needs. Typically, sessions last about one hour each, and the frequency can be adjusted based on your preference and the guidance of our counselors. We strive to provide flexible support that fits into your restful stay.

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