The Vision

In February of 2016, Sherry Pogue had a vision.

A twelve bedroom house stood behind an iron gate, its rooms reserved for missionaries who needed a place of peace. In the middle of the French countryside, a home was waiting for God’s people, and it would be ours before Christmas Day.

It was a vision that she dared to believe, and so for five months she prayed for God to show her his house. In July, she stepped through that gate, and into the chateau for the first time. On December 2nd, the paperwork was signed, and Chateau ClaireFontaine became the official center of our ministry to missionaries around the world.

In our first year, Restored & Renewed Ministry has been able to serve missionaries from five continents, provided countless hours of personal counseling through our long-distance counseling program, and hosted guests at the chateau from 10 different countries. As word spreads among missionaries and ministers around the globe, we are getting more requests every day for help, demonstrating proof that God saw a need, and worked to fill it before we ever realized how big it would become.