Partner A Project

Chateau ClaireFontaine is the center of our ministry, and a place of hope for missionaries all over the world. You can help us restore this historic home by partnering with us on a project. Every improvement we make helps us serve our guests a little better. Choose from one of the projects below, and partner with us in serving missionaries.




Picture this:  15 guests, in 10 rooms, and one bathroom for them all. It’s been a challenge from day one, but it is finally time to move the bathroom to the top of the To Do list. Our plan is to add another sink and shower into the existing room, along with a new dividing wall. With a little luck, we might even be able to add a few toilets, doubling our current fixtures.

Will you help us make life a lot more comfortable for guests by partnering with us in this project? 


Rising above the chateau, the tower offers unparalleled views of the French countryside in all directions. For guests searching for a quiet place to study, pray, or write, it would be the perfect place of solitude. Two rooms, one above the other, are the ideal size for personal studies, and with a little help we could even add a third room to the top with impressive 360 degree views.

Unfortunately, the tower has been badly damaged by this year’s weather. A small leak in the roof grew at an alarming rate and rained icy water into the wood below. Help us Save the Tower and make this space into the private refuge our guests are longing for.

Imagine you arrive weary from a long journey, your mind filled with worry and cares that you’ve failed to leave behind on your short, but precious vacation, and when you reach your bedroom it is not only old and shabby, the bed is uncomfortable, too!

We believe every guest at the chateau deserves to sleep in a comfortable bed with soft sheets, and wake up to a room that makes them feel loved and welcome. We aren’t aiming for luxury, but comfort and peace so that our guests can focus on the reason they came to us, and go home refreshed.

We currently have seven guest rooms available out of the twelve bedrooms in the chateau. Our goal is to add two refinished rooms a year to the house until we have them all ready to welcome God’s people from their labors.  Will you partner with us, and help us provide rest for a missionary at the chateau?

Wish you could come and get your hands dirty renovating the chateau with us? Join one of our Project Teams, and spend a week in France helping us prepare the chateau for guests.