Each year we offer a selection of workshops uniquely designed to serve the needs of missionaries. Reserve your place by clicking on the workshop of your choice below. Have an idea for a new topic, or specific training that your team needs? Requesting a new workshop is easy. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Upcoming Workshops


Worried you’ll lose support? Looking for creative ways to share the exciting work you’re doing? Wish you knew how to make compelling videos or blog posts that inspire your supporters back home?

Join us for this exciting workshop where you’ll learn new ways to reach your audience both in the field, and back home. Led by two talented professionals who are passionate about helping ministers around the world, you’ll go home feeling more confident and ready to put new ideas into practice.

Kris Monroe is a talented photographer, and videographer with experience in web design and social media management. He’ll be sharing tips and tricks you can use to create simple, but engaging video content, how to create a vlog, and why video is so important in this modern age. Learn how to get the most out of your social media accounts, and go home empowered.


Heather Nelson is the host of The Honeycomb Podcast, and has spent years in the corporate world learning how the power of story shapes successful ventures. She’s excited to be sharing her skills with you as you learn how to craft more effective blog and social media posts to reach your fundraising goals.