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Join us for one incredible week in the French countryside designed just for those who love to experience a culture through its food and its people. This guided tour will be hosted by our very own chateau hostess, Heather Sutherlin. All lodging and meals will be provided, all you have to do is join us in Paris on October 5th. You will explore a side of France few tourists ever see as Heather introduces you to the people who make some of the best products in the world. Shop in Paris like a chef, learn about champagne as you walk through a vineyard with its owner, eat exquisite meals prepared by Michelin star chefs, learn to cook in a village kitchen, and meet the friendliest tavern owner who will make you feel like a treasured guest as he serves his handmade courses for your delight. You’ll even spend a few nights in our famous little chateau, explore our village, and have a chance to bless our missionary guests as your tour group creates delicious treats in our historic kitchen.

It’s the trip of a lifetime, and you will feel great knowing that your vacation dollars go toward supporting Restored & Renewed Ministry so that we can continue to bless missionaries and their families for years to come.

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October 5th – 10th, 2020

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