Partner A Project

Chateau ClaireFontaine is the center of our ministry, and a place of hope for missionaries all over the world. You can help us restore this historic home by partnering with us on a project. Every improvement we make helps us serve our guests a little better. Choose from one of the projects below, and partner with us in serving missionaries.

This year’s renovation project is to replace all of the windows. Each winter, wind and rain blow through the old windows making it difficult to stay warm in the chateau, damaging the walls, and raising the cost of heating. We hope next winter will be different as we raise funds to replace our old, dilapidated windows. It’s a big project with a big goal: $30,000 in 2023. You can help make our home warm and safe again by donating today.

There are currently no team projects planned. If your group would like to partner with us on a project, please use our contact page to propose a team trip.