The Well

The Well is a giving circle committed to pouring into the families who manage the day to day ministry of Restored and Renewed. The funds donated by The Well members provide for the annual operational budget, and allow the chateau to have a host family on site at all times. This ensures that the doors are always open at the chateau, a guest room is always ready, and a host is always there to welcome God’s people with open arms. The Well ensures that no missionary in crisis will ever be turned away.

Each year the focus of the funds will be voted on by the members of The Well. This year’s goal is to fill The Well, and provide the operational funds for 2018.

Join the Well and help us reach our goal with our 50X50 campaign. 

$50 given by 50 people can Fill the Well in 2018.

The Foundation

The Well is the first step in building a foundation fund for Restored & Renewed Ministry. When The Well is full, 100% of all other donations to The Well flow into the foundation fund. When the foundation is funded, all annual operational expenses for the ministry will be covered each year, allowing the donations of others to go directly to the needs of missionaries around the world the Restored and Renewed Ministry. Our foundation goal is $750,000…and it all starts with a single drop into The Well.

Bring your bucket to the well, and help us help them to do more.

Annual Investment Levels 


Giving Circle Members 

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