Our Team

Sherry Pogue is a  licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with many years of experience in both counseling and ministry. She and her late husband, Alan, were married for over 35 years with three grown children, and eight grandchildren.   Alan passed away November of 2019.

Sherry Pogue is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has a specialization in school counseling and Distance counseling. She graduated from Harding University with a Education Specialist degree in School and Professional Counseling. She has over 20 years in education in the classroom, as an administrator and as a school counselor.

Her experiences with families and children in the classroom as an educator have been invaluable as a licensed counselor. Sherry has worked with people in all phases of their life, from small children to aging adults. She has helped children with school and development issues as well working with families dealing with difficult behaviors in their children. She has helped blended families build strong bonds from weak beginnings. Sherry worked with aging adults dealing with depression and end of life issues. Now, she focuses much of her time in helping missionaries around the world strengthen their marriages, fight depression or emotional fatigue, address concerns with raising children in another culture, and helping them find the emotional and spiritual support they need to succeed on mission.

How to reach us:

Email – sherrypogue@gmail.com

Skype – sherry.pogue

Phone/Facetime – 501-658-6193(US)

Lovie Sellers schedules our reservations.  She is based in Tennesse, USA.  Lovie has been married to her husband, Seth, for 24 years.  They are raising two boys, Tobin and Hooper.  She stays busy with homeschooling, farming, and general caring for extended family.

How to reach us:

email:  clairefontainereservations@gmail.com