Take Action

Our goal is to provide every resource we can to the missionaries who need it free of charge so they can continue using their own budgeted resources on the work they planned to do in the field. In order to do that, we need your help. 

Ready to learn more about how you can help more missionaries stay in the field? Click on a section below to begin.

Sponsor a Missionary

60% of missionaries that leave the field, leave for preventable reasons. Counseling, and regular times of focused rest can make a difference. Help us keep more of God’s servants doing the work he’s called them to do by sponsoring a missionary today.

Partner a Project

Chateau ClaireFontaine is the center of our ministry, and a place of hope for missionaries all over the world. You can help us restore this historic home by partnering with us on a project. Every improvement we make helps us serve our guests a little better. Choose from one of the projects we have planned for the year, and partner with us in serving missionaries.

Join a Project Team 

Want to help us in a more hands on way? We’ve got plenty of opportunities to get your hands dirty at the chateau. Join one of this year’s project teams, and you’ll be able to impact our work directly in just one visit. Each project team will spend four days at the chateau, work together to complete a specific project that improves our ability to serve missionaries, and enjoy one day of sightseeing in the area. The expense covers meals at the chateau, lodging expenses, supplies and materials for the project, and tourism expenses for the days at the chateau. All other travel and expenses are your responsibility. Ready to get started? Join a team today.

The Well

The Well is a giving circle who are committed to pouring into the families who manage the day to day ministry of Restored and Renewed. The funds donated by The Well members provide for the annual operational budget, and allow the chateau to have a host family on site at all times. This ensures that the doors are always open at the chateau, a guest room is always ready, and a host is always there to welcome God’s people with open arms. The Well ensures that no missionary in crisis will ever be turned away. Join today.


It takes a lot of hands to serve missionaries the way we do. We’re always looking for a few good hands, and cheerful givers to help them get started. Whether you have the gift of hospitality, want to spend your days as a handyman in service to the King, wish you could practice your counseling skills first hand, or want to donate the funds to help all of that good work happen, we could use your help!


Donate Now

Prefer to donate to our general fund? Every donation helps us serve more missionaries in the field. Donate today and give hope to those who carry hope to the world.