Are you, or a missionary you know, battle-weary? We would like to help.

Our counselor is available to help you work through the issues that are holding you down, and threatening to destroy your work, or your family life. Licensed family therapist Sherry Pogue leads a team of counselors who are especially trained to minister to those who are carrying the heavy load of serving others. If your challenges need more intensive care, they can recommend you to trusted resources who can guide your family toward the healing you need.

Families sometimes struggle in the field to find a balance that keeps everyone feeling connected and loved in the midst of the pressures of ministry. Marriages can be worn thin with neglect, or struggle to keep peace if one spouse is discontent or lonely. Parenting can be an extra challenge, as well, with added pressure, expectations of perfection, culture shock, or simply isolation playing a part. How do you continue the work you were called to do when your family feels like it is falling apart?

Individuals often find they need more support when working in ministry, especially abroad. Depression and Anxiety are common, but often go untreated. Either issue can lead to a crushing burden of guilt that makes it more and more difficult to keep moving forward each day. How do you stay focused, and productive, when you feel you’ve lost that connection to God you need to continue the good work you came to do?

When the unexpected happens in ministry, it can have devastating effects.  Grief brought on by the loss of a loved one is always painful, and can bring life to a crashing hault. But how do you find time for grieving, and the strength to move on, when so much of the work relies on you?

Team Conflicts can destroy the work you’ve spent years preparing for, and breed bitterness that seems to infect every attempt you make at peace. Church Conflicts, or trouble with your supporters, can be just as painful and difficult to overcome. How do you find solutions that bring healing, and promote the bonds of peace that allow the church to move forward in its mission?

All of these issues, and many more, can be addressed or even prevented by regular therapeutic counseling. Our counselors have experience in ministry, and know the unique challenges it adds to the struggles that families and individuals often face in life. Although many of these issues are not unusual, and anyone in any field of work around the world would have to face at least one of them in their lifetime, ministry adds new dimensions off difficulty to the picture. We’re here to help.

Counseling can be arranged today, so you don’t have to wait any longer to find solutions for whatever you are facing. With special training and licensure in long-distance counseling, our counselors can meet you where you are at on the field. Through Skype, Facebook Messenger, or any other video conferencing app, you’ll have access to our professional counselors right in your own home. They can assess whether it might be more beneficial to come directly to you, wherever you are working in the world, and help you address the issues in person. But many missionaries have found great relief and helpful strategies from their personal one-on-one counseling sessions via Skype.

For those who need a “time out” from their work life, or those who need a more therapeutic environment where they can work through issues without the distraction of everyday life, the Chateau is available, and ready to welcome you.

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Want to help us serve more missionary families in need? Sponsoring a missionary can provide counseling, time at the chateau for a couple, or a family, and even an opportunity for a sabbatical for those who need more time to reconnect with God.

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