Our Work

At Restored & Renewed Ministry we equip missionaries in the field  to combat the stress and fatigue that threaten to destroy their work, and their family. 

Our counseling services offer hope, and healing for families who might feel alone in their struggles while working in the field. Visit our Restore page to learn more.





Chateau ClaireFontaine is the heart of our ministry, and a place designed to offer rest for the weary. Whether families are returning from a busy furlough, haven’t had a break in years, or just need a little time together as a family, the chateau is ready to welcome them. Visit Renew to learn more.




Sometimes a little time away with others who understand where you are coming from is a balm for the soul. Learn more about our Retreats at Chateau ClaireFontaine.





Managing a ministry is a lot of work, and you end up wearing a lot of hats. Our workshops are opportunities to learn new skills or hone old ones in new ways so that you feel more effective in your ministry. Learn more about on our Refocus page.