For Missionaries

We offer several services for those in ministry or mission work, but we are just beginning. Watch for more services to be added as we grow, and please let us know if there are services you need that we do not offer. We know there are few ministries focused on the needs of missionaries in the field, but we hope to change all of that. You can help by sharing your requests with us here.

Family Counseling

R&R has a licensed professional counselor available to you at no cost. Sherry Pogue, LPC, is able to do distance counseling via Skype, Facetime, email, phone or whatever other means available to you. She has been a minister’s wife, teacher, school administrator, school counselor and now has her own private practice. All communication will be treated with respect and kept confidential.

We can also schedule on-site counseling beginning in 2017 through our chateau in Lafauche, France. If you need this service, please contact us.

Marriage & Parenting Retreats

Beginning in the spring of 2018, we will offer an annual retreat aimed at building stronger families among those who have committed to international missionary or ministry work. Led by Alan & Sherry Pogue, licensed counselors, our retreats will address specific concerns and special issues ministers face while providing practical help for marriages and families.  Watch for more details on our events page.

Visit the Chateau

Needing a little break? Some time alone to study or refocus after a challenging time in your ministry or a stressful furlough? Wish you could whisk your spouse away for a week but can’t justify the expense? We invite you to visit us at the Chateau.

International Youth Group

Do you have kids craving the company of others who know what it’s like to live on mission? Wish your teens had some Christian friends they could relate to? The teens at the Chateau are determined to start an international youth group where none of them will feel alone. With an annual retreat in the fall at the Chateau and a ski trip each spring, they will begin building relationships that can span borders. Each month, we’d love to have events to add to our youth calendar, so if you know of a great event, please share it with us! They are also planning some special online events and hope to stay in touch with their new friends year round. To get your kids connected, contact us here.